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Rules & Regulations

1. Every child must have school diary and it should be bought to school everyday.
2. The full school uniform must be wore on all working days, cleanliness & tideness as essential.
3. Defaulters are liable to be exclude from classes.
4. Students should arrive at theschool before assembly.
5. Silence within the class-room is mandatory.
6 No one can leave school ground without the prior permission of the principal.
7. In order to maintain high standard of english required for the school examination, will be spoken at all time in school premises as further opportunity for practise.
8. The cost of school property damaged by the pupil will be realised from parents.
9. The school shall not be responsible for goods lost by the pupil. It is further advised that valuable goods should not be brought to the school.
10. The intended withdrawal of the student should be intimated to the principal in writing before one month(30 days) & one month tution fee will be charged in liew thereof. A fee of Rs 150/- is charged for the issue of transfer certificate, a clearance form the acounts departments is to be brought along with the application to effect that all dues are paid.
11. All fees must be paid by the 15th Calender day of each month. Rs.10/- per. month will be taken after 15th. Those who are in arears of paying fees more than three months will be not allowed in the class and his name will be struck off without notice. Defaulters will not be allowed to sit in the examination.
12. School materials (books, notes, badges, diaries, tie, pencils, scale etc.) available in the school store, only is to be used by the student.
13. No credit will be allowed and articles ones sold will not be taken back
14. When school is in season parents should not visit the classes or teachers without permission of principal.
15. A pupil absent for 15 days without notice by letter to the school authorities will be deemed without and his name will be struck off the rolls. For continuation of the pupil in the school he/she will be considerd as a new admission if seats available.

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