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St Thomas English School is owned and operated by St. Thomas Trust. Our school has been registered under Societies Act of the Govt. of Odhisa, and has been affiliated to I.C.S.E., I.S.C. & CVE(New Delhi) in the year 2000.
The aim of our school is to well equip the children with the modern education and advanced thinking in all spheres of knowledge with a view of developing their personality. So that they may be useful for themselves and their society fulfilling noble in life.
The main objective of our institution is to impact such education to the children as it helps to fill in them the sprit of patriotism and pride in their culture and civilization. we provided the children with eight principle of conduct to become the finest citizens of our nation.
The Mission of St. Thomas Trust is provide quality education available to the needy and makes it possible for everyone to get an opportunity for education. Last 25years St. Thomas English School is providing edmman service in 5 field of Education.
God- Centered, culturally relevant Education only can bring transformation to the body, soul and spirit and make a person whole.
Excellence is our goal. Enlighten the students with the modem a method in culture oriented, and is the pattern of ancient wisdom.
We are committed to that cause and continue to strive for the fulfillment of that goal.

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